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A unique deck that will dance in your hands and in your heart.


Thoughtful Journey Oracle Cards
by: T.J. Milne 
and Illustrated by Kerry Slack

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Your Thoughtful Journey Begins Now...

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Thoughtful Journey Oracle Cards  

Kerry Slack’s artwork, will have your imagination in a pirouette and your cells dancing as you gaze at each card. The dancers she illustrated are exceptional and they have come to life because of her love, patience and enchanting skills. I am forever thankful Kerry said “yes,” to this dream project and for her willingness to join the creation of - Thoughtful Journey Oracle Cards.

The guidebook contains messages written from the bottom of my heart. May the words move you, encourage you, inspire you and spark new ideas within you. My desire is for the cards to lead you upon a journey, one that allows you to keep discovering more about your beautiful soul. Trust your heart, follow your intuition, believe in the signs and always acknowledge the feelings deep within.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Thoughtful Journey Oracle Cards, please click the link. I am also more than willing to help you learn how to use them too!

It would be a delight to connect and hear from you!



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Life is a journey filled with
unexpected miracles