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This class will begin at the ballet barre, progress to centre work, and finish with across the floor combinations (turns as well as jumps). It will be an opportunity for the dancer to explore the discipline of ballet; strengthening the body, increasing stamina as well as coordination, achieving flexibility goals, all while having fun. Dancing with the heart and allowing the dancers artistic side to come through, is always very important in my classes.


This class will provide the dancer an opportunity to safely learn to dance on pointe. Dancers will utilise previously learned ballet technique while exploring pointe exercises at the barre, in the centre and across the floor.

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Pas De Deux

This class will encourage and guide dancers to learn the fundamentals of dancing with a partner.

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Pointe Strengthening

Class work includes strengthening the muscle groups that will help a dancer to build stability in their feet, calfs and legs. Exercises that will properly guide a dancer to obtain healthy, strong muscles, which will enhance durability on their dancing journey.

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Stretching and Conditioning

This class will focus on the dancers flexibility, strength and conditioning of the muscle groups that will help a dancer in their daily classes and future dancing career.

Choreography and Coaching

An opportunity for a dancer to explore their creativity, their individuality and their artistry in a piece of choreography.

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